The Haven!

Welcome ladies!

The Haven is our safe-place of serenity and refuge. 

It is a place were embarrassment, fear, nervousness, and worry are NOT welcomed, but, peace and tranquility are.
The Haven will break the myth that women can't work together; especially women in ministry. This same myth has also caused us to live a lie. You know the saying, "NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT"; all while running on fumes and falling apart at the seams. We will educate, empower and equip each other. Iron sharpens iron. So, ladies I welcome you to The Haven for God's amazing Princesses of The King that you all are.

Ever so often we'll slip off to various hotels and air b-n-b's for overnight stays of breakthrough, me time, and sharing.

The Haven is all that and so much more...

I pray you'll join me in this SIMPLY_________ (insert your name) movement.

Keep it simple and Subscribe,

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