Make the Decision to be Happy Again

What will it take for you to consider or think of you?

Will it take your getting mad when you're there for everyone and no one's there for you?

Will it take you facing the realization that you're worth IT and so much more?

Or simply do as I did. Throw up your hands and say, "Enough is Enough!"

In 2004, this is exactly what I did. I'd had enough failed marriages; yes with an S on the end, as well as enough failed relationships; yes another S on the end as well. I was exhausted wanting, and desiring, to be this Godly help-meet to a God-fearing man. That year I made a sound decision to wait on God and allow Him to send His appointed king for me. That journey began very quickly. It was as if God had patiently waited for my total surrender to Him.

I discovered I had lost my identity. So wanting and trying to please others, I failed to complete and accomplish goals previously set for me. Something as simple as my favorite color, I forgot as well. God teamed me up with an outstanding mentor who began to pour into me spiritually and naturally. My mind became renewed, vision returned, and desires changed. I was learning how to be content with or without, date or no date, friend girl or no friend girl, shopping or budgeting, all while watching God remove each layer of bricks from around my heart.

All of this had to do with my simple decision to be happy again. Many wonderful things have transpired in my life from then to now. All I can say is, He awaits each of you to make you happy with yourselves well. See, God never promised us a bed of roses, nor one of ease. Happiness is up to us. With our asking, seeking and knocking, God will answer. In my earlier years, I wasn't A, S, or K, I was simply doing, picking and choosing what and who I thought was best for me; or as they say doing me.

As I became transformed, in 2008 God's appointed king for me appeared. We married March 21, 2009, till his demise November 15, 2013. Yes this month, I praise God for experiencing a Godly marriage and salute my late husband until God sends His next appointed king for me. As you can see, being remade can and will consist of many transformations in our lives.
One thing I guarantee, it's so, so, worth it.

"U" yes "U", simply need to make the decision to be happy again.

I'm glad "I" did!!!!! And for that reason alone, "I" celebrate "ME", all who have, and simply wait for others to desire to be….........

So, my question to you is, “ Do You Want to be HAPPY Again?”


  1. I not only want to be happy again, I choose to be happy again.

  2. Thankful to God you were blessed by my transparency. It truly is a decision for any/every one who desires to be. True happiness starts with us being happy with ourselves. Bless you Minister Sherry 💖