U.G.L.Y. - U Got to Love YOURSELF before others do

Let's take a walk down memory lane. There we will find many circumstances and situations. Some blissful, while others; well you know not so favorable. You know the experiences we care to forget. In all honesty, can someone please explain how a small yet power packed 4 letter word can and has impacted our lives the way it has? For many of us it has caused overwhelming amounts of blood, sweat, tears, joy, laughter, sorrow and at times even grief.

Right now I'm thinking of Kirk Franklin's song; "LOVE a word that comes and go, but do people really know what it means to really LOVE somebody?" And may I add; let alone YOURSELF or SOMEONE else!

Growing up I saw and received lots and lots of LOVE. In my doing so, I also believed others were as well. Me, my brother, and sister were reared in a Christian home; which is a rarity by and with both parents in today's society. The world has redefined the meaning of family in ways we never imagined.

Along with that, I began loving others the way it was displayed to me. Finding the good in all, seeing no wrong, seeking the positive, being an encouragement, and most of all not just being a good friend, but a great friend.This mindset landed me in places I have never been in. Oh! I thought you said you were loved? Yes, I was and am, but I was giving all my love to the wrong people, places and things.

Oh, stop frowning, as did you. You see, me loving me, ASSumed everyone else would too. Unlike my parents love for me, I quickly discovered how people will use you, abuse you, and SIMPLY walk, run, or move away from you. Never carrying if they ripped your heart out or not. What baggage you were left to hold and deal with alone, and the ridicule and shame inflicted on you by others. All I can say right here is WOW, WOW, and WOW!

With every let down, every disappointment, every abandonment, every rejection, every lie, and every cheat!!! I still managed to give and desire to LOVE again and again. How about you? Do you not know that tainted LOVE causes many of us to marry the wrong king, have children before God's appointed time, purchase to only lose homes, cars, and loan money He never instructed us too. Not sure about you, I did, have and still do from time to time.

I must say, the heart of the human race is full of what God is himself, LOVE. When we accept Him as Lord and Savior, he'll take all the past and present hurt away, and lavish us with all the promises of a great future in Him. Guess what? When I let Him in For Real For Real...boy oh boy my life was changed forever. Not only did He restore my faith, laughter, strength, focus, and dried up my tears. He had the nerves to send me a new king like none other I had ever had.

This king was like David. A man after God's own heart. I had the pleasures of serving him until his demise.

Here's the cake.
God called us to start a church (ministry)

Here's the icing.
My going through was not in vain.

Here's the chocolate covered strawberries.
I now serve as Apostle of Hope of Glory Fellowship Dallas.

My going through never stopped me from being U.G.L.Y. to me. Today that same 4 letter word LOVE has a far greater weight of glory in my spirit. It allows me to serve God, and His people with character, dignity, integrity, and most of all LOVE.

So pick up your bootstraps and get back in the game called life...Someone somewhere is waiting on you, your love, your hugs, your kisses, and your words of kindness. Simply put, people are waiting on "U", yes "U"!

Happy Valentines Day,


  1. So ironic..this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. How naive I was to think people would do for me and love me in a way equal to what I showed them.

    1. In both our acts of kindness for others we've learned a valuable lesson.
      When in doubt WAIT!
      Thx Queen for visiting and commenting. I pray you'll stop by again 👑

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