You are Enough

Often times we view ourselves as the underdog. Constantly wondering when will it be my turn or when will opportunity ever knock for me? I can't tell you the number of years I allowed myself to be stuck in that God-forsaken rut! The funny thing about it is that my turn and opportunities were there all along. Unfortunately, YES, I saw them, however, I was too afraid to pursue them and face possible failure.

About 3 or 4 years ago new slogans began echoing in the wind. "I Am Enough," and "You Are Enough." It wasn't until 2018 that I mentally revisited them. Both caused me to examine, my thoughts and beliefs about who I was, or at least who I thought I was, and where was I headed in my personal life. 

I quickly became Moses’s lil' sister. I began to make excuses as to why I was NOT enough because I needed to complete my degree, while possessing many certifications, being a 57-year-old widow who would want to listen to me, being a Pastor, what man would want me. I'll be critiqued, criticized, talked about, lose friends and associates. On and on I went ripping me to shreds. No one else, only ME!

Once I calmed down, I heard, "so was Jesus." Then I heard “simply be you.” OMG! I can be me? How many will truly accept me for me and not for what I can do for them? So many questions continued to surface in my mind. Shortly thereafter these episodes and temper tantrums, I began to entertain the thought of being myself. Quickly discovering my life experiences can help bring comfort, encouragement, and motivation to a wandering individual.

As you can see, we're here with a twist. The old saying is very true, “we are our worst enemy." Your life doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as SIMPLE as your heart desire. You too are enough! You too are enough! You too are enough! Yes, YOU! Your turn and opportunities are staring you in the face, just as it was for me. Write those books, write those plays, movies, and skits, be that teacher a youth can look up to, be a role model for young adults, start that business, return to college. 

Just know there is a place for YOU! Just as it is for ME

Thanks for coming along and allowing us to journey together.


  1. Woman of God, thank you for the words of encouragement! So very powerful and impactful! Thank you for being real, raw and relevant in my life.